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Suri Females 1 Zurie 31335843 histogram 12-Aug-08 LCA Rico LCA Ochichi
  2 Ochichi SOLD 1259438 histogram 19-Mar-06 WWR Prince Greystone Snowmass Eclipse
  3 Corinna not registered histogram 11-Aug-11 LCA Viho LCA Kharisma
  4 Callie 32097269 histogram 2-Aug-10 Snowmass Ice Dancer LCA Ochichi
Huacaya Females 5 Bellina SOLD 30928077 histogram 31-Mar-07 Hemingway's Tequila Bonnie Jeanne
  6 Emma 30927971 histogram 16-May-07 Glacial Storm Burnadet Z100
  7 Aliqua 1246643 histogram 10-Mar-06 Hemingway's Tequila Faik's Eureka
  8 Bonnie SOLD 30008534 histogram 18-Sep-04 4Peruvian Pachacuti PPPeruvian Villager
  9 Burnadet SOLD 30008478 histogram 12-Sep-04 PCA Hemi-Accoyo Nautilus Hummingherd's Miradora
  10 Sofie not registered histogram   Ricaro Bonnie Jeanne
Suri Males 11 Vallejo 31678377 histogram 3-Aug-09 Snowmass Ice Dancer LCA Ochichi
  12 Cortez 31678346 histogram 26-Jul-09 Capote LCA Kharisma
  13 Aotearoa 32119220 histogram 13-Jul-10 LCA Viho LCA Kharisma
Huacaya Males 14 Ricaro 31335836 histogram 5-Jun-08 Accoy America Triumph Burnadet Z100
  15 Pere Ubu 31335829 histogram 25-May-08 Hemingway's Tequila Bonnie Jeanne
  16 Biko 31678353 histogram 9-Jul-09 Accoyo America Triumph Burnadet Z100
  17 Manus  SOLD not registered histogram Pere Ubu Burnadet Z100
  18 Cian not registered histogram   Pere Ubu Emma
  19 Finn SOLD 32119213 histogram 14-Aug-08 Hemingway's Tequila Bonnie Jeanne


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