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Suri Females 1 Zurie 31335843 histogram 12-Aug-08 LCA Rico LCA Ochichi
2 Ochichi 1259438 histogram 19-Mar-06 WWR Prince Greystone Snowmass Eclipse
3 Corinna not registered histogram 11-Aug-11 LCA Viho LCA Kharisma
4 Callie 32097269 histogram 2-Aug-10 Snowmass Ice Dancer LCA Ochichi
Huacaya Females 5 Bellina 30928077 histogram 31-Mar-07 Hemingway's Tequila Bonnie Jeanne
6 Emma 30927971 histogram 16-May-07 Glacial Storm Burnadet Z100
7 Aliqua 1246643 histogram 10-Mar-06 Hemingway's Tequila Faik's Eureka
8 Bonnie 30008534 histogram 18-Sep-04 4Peruvian Pachacuti PPPeruvian Villager
9 Burnadet 30008478 histogram 12-Sep-04 PCA Hemi-Accoyo Nautilus Hummingherd's Miradora
10 Sofie not registered histogram   Ricaro Bonnie Jeanne
Suri Males 11 Vallejo 31678377 histogram 3-Aug-09 Snowmass Ice Dancer LCA Ochichi
12 Cortez 31678346 histogram 26-Jul-09 Capote LCA Kharisma
13 Aotearoa 32119220 histogram 13-Jul-10 LCA Viho LCA Kharisma
Huacaya Males 14 Ricaro 31335836 histogram 5-Jun-08 Accoy America Triumph Burnadet Z100
15 Pere Ubu 31335829 histogram 25-May-08 Hemingway's Tequila Bonnie Jeanne
16 Biko 31678353 histogram 9-Jul-09 Accoyo America Triumph Burnadet Z100
17 Manus not registered histogram   Pere Ubu Burnadet Z100
18 Cian not registered histogram   Pere Ubu Emma
19 Finn 32119213 histogram 14-Aug-08 Hemingway's Tequila Bonnie Jeanne


Aotearoa of Newaukum Creek

alpaca herdsire

Density, locking, luster, genetics... Aotearoa has it all. This male suri alpaca is another one of our show winners! 

He'd would definitely add much to any breeding program!

Callie of Newaukum Creek

female alpaca, alpaca dam

Another Ochichi progeny. Callie is an extremely nice alpaca! Fine fibered, excellent luster, good size, excellent conformation and a sweet personality to boot! 

Callie would make an excellent addtion to any breeding program.

LCA Vallejo

alpaca herdsire

Outstanding in every way! Look at his amazingly beautiful fiber and conformation!

Vallejo is another example of the quality of progeny thrown by LCA Ochichi, his dam.

LCA Zurie

LCA Zurie female alpaca for sale

Another Ochichi progeny. Zurie is another top show winner with multiple awards at CABA, AWE, ABR and more including best lock and best luster!

4 x first place!

2 x best luster

2 x best lock

Take your suri breeding program to the next level with an outstanding production dam with a proven show record.

LCA Ochichi

female alpaca, alpaca dam

LCA Ochichi is a proven Dam who is a consistent producer of outstanding alpacas both male and female. Take a look at LCA Vallejo, one of her progeny.


Corinna female alpaca for sale

Corinna is one of our nicest females. With a good size, excellent conformation and very dense fiber, Corinna has what it takes to add much to any breeding program.

Buy with confidence, sell with success!

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